Program Structure and Code Conventions

In this section

Structure of a ViviFire Program
Shows the elements in a ViviFire program.
Program Entry Point
Tells about the code that starts a program.
References and the Require Statement
Tells how to refer to objects in libraries.
Tells how namespaces make groups of objects in code.
Naming Conventions
Includes general instructions for names of procedures, constants, variables, arguments, and objects.
Coding Conventions
Examines the rules that code samples use.
Conditional Compilation
Tells how to compile some code and ignore other code.
Special Characters in Code
Shows how and where to use characters that are not letters or numbers.
Comments in Code
Shows how to add text that tells what code does.
#Self and #Base
Shows different constructs to use to refer to elements of a program.
Language Limitations
Tells how to decrease the effects of known limits in ViviFire code.