Comments in Code

Throughout this documentation you will see examples of ViviFire code with comments. The majority of these comments begin with the apostrophe (') and end at the end of the line. The ViviFire compiler ignores Comments. You place comments in your code to explain what some code does, and often they give other details.

There are two types of comments: the inline comment, as mentioned above, and the block comment. A block comment has two markers that explicitly mark the start and end of a comment. Block comments can contain several lines, and usually do. However, block comments can also be placed between programming constructs within a single line, though the practice can make code harder to read.

The block comment comes in two forms. The first starts with /* and ends with */. The second form uses the markers /' and '/, respectively.


' This is a full-line comment
PrintLine "Test" ' This comment is inline with code
PrintLine "Hi " & name _  ' This comment
    & " how are you?" ' is split in two
/' This is a short block comment '/
/* This is a rather long block comment
   that needs to be split across more
   than one line
Call Test 1 /'one'/, 2 /'two'/, 3 /'three'/