Keywords as Element Names

Usually a code element (examples are a variable, class, or member) cannot have the same name as a keyword. This is because keywords are special names in the language. But there can be times that it becomes necessary to use one.

For example, you can make a variable with the name Object. But to refer to it as a variable and not a keyword, you must write it between backticks (`). An example follows.

`Object`.Visible = True

If you do not do this, ViviFire sees the name as the keyword Object. The keyword Object here causes an error, as shown below.

Object.Visible = True

It can be easy to forget to include backticks, and thus cause errors. Because of this, we recommend that you do not use keywords as the names of program elements. But, it is possible that a newer version of ViviFire could add a keyword that your code used as a name. Then you can use backticks around names that cause errors with the newer version of ViviFire.

Names between backticks must contain a minimum of two letters. This is because one character between backticks is a literal of type Char. But this is not a problem because all ViviFire keywords have two or more letters.

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