Char Data Type

Holds unsigned 32-bit (4-byte) Unicode character code points in the range 0–4,294,967,295.


Char is short for "character".

Default value
When you declare a variable of type Char and leave it uninitialized, its value defaults to the character with a code point of zero (0).
Char is an unsigned type and thus cannot represent a negative value.
Char widens to String without any risk of overflow.
Type characters
Char has no type character.

Unicode characters


Char literal

You can specify a code point for most Unicode characters directly in your code using a Char literal. This is done by placing backticks (`) around the character. You can specify a backtick character simply by using three consecutive backticks, as shown in the following examples.

Dim letter As Char = `A`
Dim backtick As Char = ```

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