Pre-calculated Constants

Integer constants

%ANSISee Declare
%CDECLSee Declare
%DONESee Begin…When
%FALSEBoolean.False As Int
%NONESee Begin…When
%TRUEBoolean.True As Int
%UTF16See Declare


Code pointNameInformation
0 (&H0000)%NUL, %NULLNull
7 (&H0007)%BEL, %BELLAudible bell
8 (&H0008)%BS, %BACKSPCBackspace
9 (&H0009)%T, %TABHorizontal tab
10 (&H000A)%LF, %LINEFEEDLine feed
11 (&H000B)%VT, %VTABVertical tab
12 (&H000C)%FF, %FORMFEEDForm feed
13 (&H000D)%CR, %RETURNCarriage return
27 (&H001B)%E, %ESCAPEEscape
32 (&H0020)%SPC, %SPACESpace

String constants

For the syntax of string constants, see String Basics.

Named string constants

$CR, $RETURNCarriage return$13, $HD, $O15, $B1101
$E, $ESCAPEEscape$27, $H1B, $O33, $B11011
$FF, $FORMFEEDForm feed$12, $HC, $O14, $B1100
$LF, $LINEFEEDLine feed$10, $HA, $O12, $B1010
$N, $NEWLINENewline(Platform-dependent)
$PD, $PARENTDIRParent directory(Platform-dependent)
$PS, $PATHSEPFile path separator""/"", ""\""
$RD, $ROOTDIRRoot directory(Platform-dependent)
$S, $SPACESpace$32, $H20, $O40, $B100000
$T, $TABHorizontal tab$9, $H9, $O11, $B1001

Magic constants

$DATEThe date during compilation in UTC
$DATE_DMYThe date in DD-MM-YYYY format
$DATE_MDYThe date in MM-DD-YYYY format
$DATE_YMDThe date in YYYY-MM-DD format
$FILEThe name of the source file
$LINEThe line number within the source file
$OBJThe name of the class, object, trait, or module
$PROCThe name of the procedure
$TIMEThe time during compilation in UTC
$TIME_12The time in 12-hour format ("1:37 PM")
$TIME_12_SECThe time in 12-hour format ("1:37:55 PM")
$TIME_24The time in 24-hour format ("13:37")
$TIME_24_SECThe time in 24-hour format ("13:37:55")