Structure of a ViviFire Program

File-level programming elements

Any code that you write should follow the sequence:

  1. Library metadata
  2. Require statements
  3. Module-level statements

Library metadata

When you create a Library module, you are required to give it a name. Additionally, you can supply metadata about the library, such as a version number.

Require statements

You can include a Require statement to use code outside of your project. You can associate an object handle with a library, which allows your code to call methods that the library exposes.

For more information, see References and the Require Statement.

Conditional compilation statements


Formore information, see Conditional Compilation in ViviFire.

Module-level programming elements


Procedure-level programming elements


For more information, see Statements in ViviFire.

The main code block


For more information, see Program Entry Point