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Change log for 2021

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PostPosted: Sep 27th, 2021, 7:22pm    Post subject: Change log for 2021 Reply with quote

2020-12-09 add dictionary lookup (id!id)
2020-12-12 remove more Thens
2021-01-14 reduce binary logical op precedence; add simple expression
2021-03-07 New statement can use an initialization list
2021-06-18 Fix bug to test for any token besides 'Unit' after 'Base' in BaseUnitStatement
2021-06-18 Possible better fix for BaseUnitStatement
2021-06-22 Add Call Constructor statement
2021-06-30 Fixes: copyright, LoopControlVariable, PrimaryExpression, UnaryExpression. Add UnitExpression.
2021-07-10 Change several integer constants to non-reserved keywords
2021-07-22 Update copyright
2021-07-26 Change 'RequireComparison', 'RequireStatement'. Add 'RequireLogic'. Support parentheses.
2021-08-19 Add modifier '@Iterator' to 'MethodStatement', 'PropertyStatement', and 'SubStatement'. Fix two typos of 'Modifier'.
2021-08-26 Change 'SimpleStatement'. Remove 'Wait'.
2021-08-27 Rename 'ternary_option' to 'ternary' along with all of its constants. Rename most/all option fields. Rewrite option's 'Parse' method to match docs.
2021-09-21 Add 'YieldStatement'. Rename 'check_allowed' to 'validate'.

2021-10-06 DeclareStatement: Make commas between flags optional
2021-10-08 IdentifierStatement and SimpleStatement: Add a few member-access operators. Current are '.', '.?', '?', and '??'.
2021-10-11 PropertySignature: Add to permitted names 'Self', 'Self%', 'Self', and 'Self$' for dictionary access
2021-10-12 PropertySignature: Change syntax: remove 'Begin', add 'Dim' or 'Var', add first line parameters
2021-10-12 Add macro 'ID' to generate a string 's_name' that contains the name of the production, add it to all productions. Change 'SYNC Newline' to 'SyncNewline'.

2021-10-19 Add 'NullCoalescingExpression', 'TypeExpression'. Change 'BitShiftExpression', 'ComparisonExpression', 'PowerExpression', 'UnaryExpression'.
2021-10-25 Remove semicolon concatenation operator.

2021-10-25 Change 'date_literal', 'time_literal', 'version_literal', 'WhereStatement': Remove '@' from date/time.
2021-10-26 Add CatchClause. Change TryStatement.
2021-10-26 Large changes to class 'Modifier'
2021-10-27 Revert change to 'version_literal'. Remove dot-separated form of 'date_literal' to prevent confusion with version_literal.
2021-10-30 Change several Boolean arguments to use constants that are more semantic.
2021-11-03 Add 'parser' or 'm_parser' field to classes and structs that must access parser
2021-11-06 Move class 'Modifier' to files 'Modifier.cpp' and 'Modifier.h'. Do substantial work to make code compile.
2021-11-06 Do more work to make code that compiles.
2021-11-06 Make new files for class 'Modifier'. Change name to 'Modif' to not conflict with method 'Parser::Modifier'.
2021-11-06 Change 'DimStatement', 'NewStatement' and 'Statement'. Permit var declaration at module level.
2021-11-07 Add resolver 'IsAssignmentOp'. 'IdentifierStatement' can do proc calls with unenclosed argument list.

2021-11-07 Add initializers for members of 'mod_type'.
2021-11-07 Add ability to touch ''.
2021-11-11 'PrimaryExpression': Add malformed tokens that cause errors.
2021-11-11 'NewStatement': Fix block to let 'Begin' be only thing on the line.
2021-11-11 'ClassMember', 'TraitMember': Fix to add newline after 'DimStatement'.
2021-11-11 'ConstStatement', 'DimStatement': Add 'SyncNewline' locally. Remove newlines used with these in other places.
2021-11-11 'DeclareParameter', 'FormalParameter': Fix for incorrect mismatched parens. Change 'Expression' to 'EnclosedExpression'.
2021-11-11 Add 'EventStatement'. Change 'Statement'.
2021-11-12 Add '@Deprecated' to 'EnumMember'. Add string literal after '@Deprecated'.

2021-11-17 Update makefile, untested at this time.
2021-11-18 Add 'ReDimStatement', 'ReDimClause'. Give 'QualifiedName' param 'limit'. Change 'QualifiedName' and all calls to it.
2021-11-18 Fix missing test for 'limit'.
2021-11-18 Fix 'StructState' missing line break. Change 'PrimaryExpression' to remove unnecessary resolver.
2021-11-18 Fix 'FunctionSignature', 'MethodSignature', and 'SubSignature' to match documented syntax.
2021-11-19 Change 'ClassMember' to 'ClassOrObjectMember', add to 'ObjectStatement'.
2021-11-19 'ViviFire': Add error handling for embedded statements (eg 'Case', 'Else', 'When') mostly in the style 'X without Y'.

2021-11-22 Remove 'spaceship' operator construct of 'ConditionalExpression'. It caused more problems than it solved.
2021-11-23 Refactor 'CallOrNew', 'IdentifierStatement', 'CompoundStatement' to 'Statement', 'NewStatement' to 'CompoundNewStatement'. Fix 'IsAssignmentOp', 'CallStatement', 'NewMember'. Rename 'option_type' consts.
2021-11-24 Remove 'Expression' from invocations of 'ID' where it should be obvious from context.
2021-11-24 'ModuleMember': Add 'PropertyStatement'

2021-11-25 Add some comments about macro 'ID'. Change '%s' to '%ls'.
2021-11-30 Fix several problems with '@Option', particularly the 'match' functions.
2021-11-30 Fix function 'Optional' to catch incorrect block type after 'End'.
2021-12-01 Refactor handler for '@Option Warning' to remove call to 'wcschr'.
2021-12-01 Add test for 'last' in 'option.Parse()'
2021-12-02 Remove unnecessary resolver from 'Module'. Combine modifier validations into blocks.
2021-12-02 Fix missing 'parser' pointer in 'option.Parse()'.

2021-12-06 'IdentifierStatement': Add 'TypeArgumentList' to let one do eg 'List[String] strlist'.
2021-12-06 'string_literal', 'malformed_string_literal': Remove path separators '/' and '\'. 'StringExpression': Add path separators that can be used with both constants and literals.
2021-12-10 Fix macro 'ID' to be compatible with GCC, add second param for verbosity, conditionally print based on'-v' command line argument.

2021-12-20 Add modifier '@Unique' for enumerations to make sure all values are different.
2021-12-23 'PrimitiveType': Add 'SafeString'.
2021-12-24 'UnitStatement': Move 'UnitParameter' to after aliases.
2021-12-25 'UnitStatement': Make '= expression' mandatory after parameter.


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Site Admin

Joined: 01 Jul 2005
Posts: 797

PostPosted: Dec 26th, 2021, 8:14pm    Post subject: Re: Change log for 2021 Reply with quote

See here for changes in 2022.
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