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WMLiberty More Info
WMLiberty is a DLL designed to assist Liberty BASIC programmers needing to handle Windows events not normally available with pure LB code. WMLiberty gives the LB program access to any window message (WM) that is sent to a window. It works by subclassing the window, i.e. WMLiberty forces the window to tell it when a message needs processing ahead of the window's normal message processing code.

WMLiberty offers the LB programmer many benefits:
  • Bring API created controls to life.
  • Enhance standard LB controls.
  • Give windows and controls custom behaviors.
  • Keep distributions and downloads small.

WMLiberty is written in the C++ language. This gives it its speed and compactness. WMLiberty should not slow down your LB code at all. LB is much slower than WMLiberty. This is why WMLiberty exists.

Theoretically, much of WMLiberty's functionality could be accomp­lished with pure LB code, using a callback function as a window procedure. Practically, LB's callback mechanism is very slow and window messages start backing up in the message queue. WMLiberty acts as a filter. It lets through only the messages that the LB programmer is interested in.

The bottom line: To create truly professional quality Windows applications one needs to be able to handle any window message. WMLiberty gives you that ability.

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