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Change log for 2022

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PostPosted: Jan 9th, 2022, 6:50pm    Post subject: Change log for 2022 Reply with quote

2022-01-08 'EnclosedArgumentList': Make empty arguments possible. This makes 'UnenclosedArgument' unnecessary.
2022-01-08 'EnclosedArgumentList': Make empty arguments possible

2022-01-11 'RequireStatement': Add 'As alias' syntax
2022-01-17 Fix 'option.Parse()' to consume bad tokens and give correct position in error messages. Update copyright.

2022-01-24 Comment out unused resolvers.
2022-01-26 'PrimaryExpression': Give appropriate error when nondecimal integer follows primary.
2022-01-31 Remove recent addition to 'PrimaryExpression'. Add similar code to 'Argument' and 'ConcatenationExpression' that show warnings.
2022-02-09 'TypeParameter', 'TypeParameterList': Add 'parent' parameter. Add argument to all calls to these to do tests for 'In' and 'Out' modifiers.

2022-02-10 'TypeParameter': Add test for parent of 'Event' or 'Trait'
2022-02-11 Add '@Option Select Else String'
2022-02-12 Refactor 'Constraint': Combine 'ConstructorConstraint', 'DoesConstraint', 'IsConstraint', and 'SelfConstraint'.
2022-02-13 Add missing 'Where' clause to 'StructStatement'
2022-02-13 'Rename enum 'opt_sce' to 'select_type' and all its constants
2022-02-13 Change enum constants to all caps
2022-02-13 'WhenStatement': Show an error if more than one 'When Else'
2022-02-13 'IsPropertySelf': Change three comparisons to a call to 'wcschr'
2022-02-13 'UnitStatement': Add TODO. Minor housekeeping.
2022-02-14 'Constraint': Add test for 'Trait ... Where Self ...'. Reformat code to reduce line lengths.
2022-02-14 In 'separate_console', major rewrite makes it simpler. Add several '#if defined ...' to start to make the code more portable.

2022-02-19 Move block statements from 'Statement' to 'BlockStatement'. Add 'SimpleStatementError'. Change names: 'CompoundIfStatement' to 'IfBlock...', 'CompoundNewStatement' to 'NewBlock...'.
2022-02-22 'WhereClause': Add parameter and test for generic element. 'FunctionSignature': Add test for return type. 'SubSignature': Add test for return type with 'Handles'. 'TraitStatement': Change 'Name' to 'identifier'.
2022-02-24 'NewMember': Add 'Newline', 'IdentifierStatement' (property call), and 'ObjectStatement'. Change 'ObjectStatement' to take a 'Modif' pointer. Change how vars are init'd by other similar functions.

2022-02-27 Fix several error messages. Change calls to 'Err' to 'SemErr'. Capitalize keywords.
2022-03-05 'DeclaratorList': Make comma a weak separator, follow it with line break. 'StructState': Change 'Declarator' to 'DeclaratorList'.
2022-03-05 'StructState': Add 'Const', 'Enum', 'Event', and 'Struct' as members
2022-03-05 'StructProcedure': Add 'Function', 'Method', 'Property', and 'Sub' as members
2022-03-05 'ClassOrObjectMember': Add 'Const', 'Enum', 'Event', and 'Struct' as members. 'StructState': Show error for 'Class' as member.

2022-03-10 Add sigil '@' for 'Fixed64' data type
2022-03-14 'UnitAlias': Add optional integer for grammatical number, error messages
2022-03-14 'UnitAlias': Permit '0' before aliases with plurals

2022-03-18 'FunctionStatement': Permit modifier '@Iterator'
2022-03-21 'CCEval': Add test that directive starts line
2022-03-21 'Constraint': Permit class to use Self constraint. 'StructStatement': Fix incorrect argument in call to 'WhereClause'.
2022-03-24 'ClassOrObjectMember': Add 'NewStatement'. 'NewStatement': Add parameter 'mods'.

2022-03-29 Refactor construction/destruction to permit hot-swappable scanners
2022-03-31 'LoopBody', 'WhenStatement': 'When Each' is equivalent to 'When Else'. Make sure no two When statements are the same with a 'set'.
2022-04-02 'option.Parse': Add support for '@Option When ...', refactor code to make it more consistent, move repetitive code into helper functions.
2022-04-04 'WhenStatement': Add test that Begin label agrees with When label
2022-04-09 'LoopBody', 'WhenStatement': Change to use a std::map for labels

2022-04-13 'Module': Change library module to permit qualified name
2022-04-14 Change names of several tokens to make them more general
2022-04-16 Add support for '@Option String {Slash|Backslash}'. Fix some error handling.
2022-04-18 'ViviFire': Add 'ConstantValueError' to catch when a statement starts with a literal
2022-04-18 Add 'option.test' and 'ParseInlineComment' to permit '@Option Test' in conjunction with semantic comments 'expect-error' and 'expect-warning'. Partial implementation.
2022-04-18 'ConstantDeclarator': Change identifier to 'Name'

2022-04-22 Fix namespace issues
2022-04-22 Add variable 'module' to hold AST. Group related code. Add some comments.
2022-04-25 Move 'option.match' to 'Parser::Match', add 'Matches'. 'NewBlockStatement': Add tests for 'End'. 'DeclareStatement': Add tests for flags.
2022-04-29 Move part of 'InitializationExpression' into 'CollectionInitializer'. Change 'NewBlockStatement' to make 'Call' name optional and use 'CollectionInitializer'.
2022-04-30 'DoStatement': Add test for 'Loop While' or 'Loop Until' in loops that start with 'Do While' or 'Do Until'

2022-05-04 'UnenclosedArgumentList': Remove implicit line continuation after comma. Add 'OptionalNewline' to better mark implicit line continuations.
2022-05-04 Add 'DeclarationStatement' which gets added to 'Statement' and other places
2022-05-06 Add modifier '@MustUse'
2022-05-06 Add 'Deprecated' to avoid code duplication

2022-05-10 Replace 'AST::Program' and 'AST::Library' with 'AST::Module'
2022-05-14 Change destructors to use bare 'delete' for strings
2022-05-14 'StringExpression': Add out parameter to return combined substrings, which uses new 'StringValue', which uses new 'NamedString' (partially implemented)
2022-05-16 Add new method 'has' to return if a given modifier is present
2022-05-16 Methods and Subs: Add modifier '@Const' to specify that a procedure can be evaluated at compile-time. Add error messages if procedures with '@Const' or '@MustUse' have no return type.
2022-05-17 'ViviFire': Add test for invalid directives and modifiers
2022-05-18 Add 'DeclareStatement' as member of more constructs
2022-05-18 Remove standard block comments. Make /' ... '/ mid-line comment.
2022-05-18 'StringValue': Add missing decimal constant
2022-05-19 'Modifier': Change modifiers from individual tokens to composite tokens made from at-sign + identifier

2022-05-21 Add 'LambdaExpression'
2022-05-24 Copy declaration statements to 'ModuleMember' to fix conflict with '@'
2022-05-25 'separate_console': Re-instate Win32 APIs on Windows, since the POSIX code did not work correctly
2022-05-26 Make new macro 'S_PATH_SEP' and use it in 'NamedString' and 'StringExpression'
2022-05-27 Add call to '_setmode'. Change calls that use 'char' to use 'wchar_t' equivalents.
2022-05-27 'LambdaExpression': Add back 'Sub' and 'Function' address operators. Refactor duplicate code into 'LambdaFunction' and 'LambdaSub'.

2022-05-29 Change non-decimal integer literals: '&B' to '%B', '&O' to '%O', and '&H' to '%X'
2022-05-29 'StringValue': Change hex constant from '$H' to '$X'
2022-06-18 Start changes to directives. Add colon to MidlineComment.

2022-06-18 'BitFieldType': Add optional type argument
2022-06-18 Add (to all block statements) error messages of the form '<block> without END'
2022-06-22 Change 'integer_constant' and 'integer_literal' to make them more user-friendly
2022-06-26 'UnenclosedArgumentList': Make error messages more STE. Remove some commented out code.
2022-06-26 'UnenclosedArgumentList': Fix implicit line continuation
2022-06-29 'ViviFire': Add 'Begin' to block construct errors
2022-06-29 Catch misplaced 'Require' and 'Where'

2022-07-09 Comment out 'Namespace' statement
2022-07-20 Add operator and function 'Div' to deal with division by zero
2022-07-20 Fix 'DivFunction': Change expressions to 'EnclosedExpression'

2022-08-26 'option.Parse': Add 'ArgByName'. Add test for length before string matches.
2022-09-10 Add timer for run time
2022-10-29 Add context tests and error messages

2022-11-06 'Expression': Cannot have expression after TOL clause
2022-11-17 Newline or inline comment must come after line continuation

2022-11-25 'IfStatement': Change 'SyncNewline' to 'Newline' to prevent errors when the parser got out of sync after 'IF without END'
2022-11-26 'SyncNewline': Add test to stop errors after the first, which caused the parser to get out of sync
2022-12-07 Cannot use METHOD in PROGRAM module


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Joined: 01 Jul 2005
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PostPosted: Dec 8th, 2022, 7:23pm    Post subject: Re: Change log for 2022 Reply with quote

Go to to download the latest demo and source code.
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