#Log Object

Does operations on the log file.

Methods and properties

Method Log ( message As String, Optional level As LogLevels = ALL )
Writes information to the log file. But it is ignored if level is below the level set with LogLevel. The information includes the supplied message, the source file name, the line number, and the nearest named scope.
Property Level As LogLevels
Gets or sets the minimum risk level to record information to the log. Values for level include ALL (default), INFO, WARNING, ERROR, and FATAL. Calls to the method Log that are below the given level do not record information to the log.


The object #Log is always available to use in your programs. This is different from the log file methods supplied by #Debug. #Debug is ignored by the compiler unless you make a debug build.

Special levels

You can make a maximum of five levels to log special conditions. LogLevels lets you use SPECIAL, SPECIAL2, SPECIAL3, SPECIAL4, and SPECIAL5.



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