#Debug Object

Provides enhanced debugging support.


Method Print ( message$ )
Displays some text in the debugger. Typically this is the value of a variable, in order to confirm its correctness.
Method Assert ( test As Boolean, Optional message$ = "" )
Method Log ( message$, level%, category$ )
Writes information to the log file.
Method Run
Causes the debugger to start executing the code at full speed.
Method StepOut
Causes the debugger to run the code until the current procedure exits, then stop.
Method Stop
Causes the debugger to stop execution as if it had encountered a breakpoint.
Method Walk ( Optional delay% = 0 )
Causes the debugger to start walking the code. If you specify a delay in milliseconds, the debugger will pause between statements.


This object is created only when you start the debugger. In any other case, the object is essentially empty and will have no effect on the code.