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WMLiberty Demos - Custom 2-Color Listbox
WMLiberty -> Demos -> Customized Controls -> Custom 2-color list box (Download)

    ' Custom 2-Color ListBox Demo
    ' By Brent D. Thorn, 2003, 2006


    Global g.hbrListBack, g.crListBack, g.crListFore

    g.crListBack = RGB(191, 32, 32) ' Med. Red
    g.crListFore = RGB(0, 255, 0) ' Br. Green

    CallDLL #gdi32, "CreateSolidBrush", _
        g.crListBack As ULong, _
        g.hbrListBack As ULong

    Open "WMliberty.dll" For DLL As #wmlib

    demo.lstMX$(1) = "Merry"
    demo.lstMX$(2) = "Christmas"
    ListBox     #demo.lstMX, demo.lstMX$(), DoNothing, 10, 10, 100, 100

    Open "Colored Listbox" For Dialog As #demo

    #demo "TrapClose demo.Close"
    #demo.lstMX "Font Impact 12"

    'Create subclass of parent window.
    'Trap the WM_CTLCOLORLISTBOX message.
    Callback lpfn, OnCtlColorListbox( ULong, ULong, ULong, ULong), Long
    Call SetWMHandler HWnd(#demo), _WM_CTLCOLORLISTBOX, lpfn, g.hbrListBack

    Call DoEvents

Sub DoEvents
    CallDLL #kernel32, "Sleep", 50 As ULong, ret As Void
    GoTo [localLoop]
End Sub

Sub demo.Close me$
    CallDLL #gdi32, "DeleteObject", _
        g.hbrListBack As ULong, ret As Long
    Close #me$
    ' Must close window before closing WMLiberty.
    Close #wmlib
End Sub

Function OnCtlColorListbox( hWnd, uMsg, hDC, hwndList )
    If hwndList = HWnd(#demo.lstMX) Then
        Call SetTextColor hDC, g.crListFore
        Call SetBkColor hDC, g.crListBack
        'Return the bg brush.
        OnCtlColorListbox = g.hbrListBack
    End If
End Function

Function RGB( R, G, B )
    RGB = R + 256 * G + 65536 * B
End Function

Sub SetBkColor hDC, crBack
    CallDLL #gdi32, "SetBkColor", _
        hDC As ULong, crBack As ULong, _
        ret As ULong
End Sub

Sub SetTextColor hDC, crText
    CallDLL #gdi32, "SetTextColor", _
        hDC As ULong, crText As ULong, _
        ret As ULong
End Sub

Sub SetWMHandler hWnd, uMsg, lpfnCB, lSuccess
    CallDLL #wmlib, "SetWMHandler", _
        hWnd as ULong, uMsg As ULong,_
        lpfnCB As ULong, lSuccess As ULong, _
        ret As Long
End Sub

Sub DoNothing h$
End Sub

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