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WMLiberty Demos - Double-clicks in a ListView
WMLiberty -> Demos -> API-Created Controls -> Double-clicks in a listview (Download)

' Trapping double-clicks in a listview
' By Brent D. Thorn, 12/2007

    'Define a few structs
    Struct LVITEM, _
        mask As ULong, _
        iItem As Long, _
        iSubItem As Long, _
        state As ULong, _
        stateMask As ULong, _
        pszText As Ptr, _
        cchTextMax As Long, _
        iImage As Long, _
        lParam As Long, _
        iIndent As Long
    Struct NMHDR, _
        hwndFrom As ULong, _
        idFrom As ULong, _
        code As Long
        hdr.hwndFrom As ULong, _
        hdr.idFrom As ULong, _
        hdr.code As Long, _
        iItem As Long, _
        iSubItem As Long, _
        uNewState As ULong, _
        uOldState As ULong, _
        uChanged As ULong, _
        ptAction.x As Long, _
        ptAction.y As Long, _
        lParam As Long, _
        uKeyFlags As ULong

    Open "WMLiberty" For DLL As #wmlib

    Open "Listview NM_DBLCLK Demo" For Window As #1
    #1 "TrapClose Quit"

    'Get instance handle
    CallDLL #kernel32, "GetModuleHandleA", _
        _NULL As Long, _
        hInst As Long
    'Create listview control
    hLV = CreateWindowEx(_WS_EX_CLIENTEDGE, "SysListview32", "", _
                         _WS_CHILD Or _WS_VISIBLE Or 3, _
                         5, 5, 300, 300, _
                         HWnd(#1), 0, hInst, 0)

    'Add a few items to play with
    For i = 0 To 4
        Call ListView.InsertItem hLV, i, "Double-click me"

    'Set up "notify" event trapping
    Callback lpfn, OnNotify( ULong, ULong, ULong, ULong ), Long
    Call SetWMHandler HWnd(#1), _WM_NOTIFY, lpfn, -1

    Call DoEvents
Sub DoEvents
    CallDLL #kernel32, "Sleep", 50 As Long, r As Void
    GoTo [Loop]
End Sub
Sub Quit Me$
    Close #Me$
    Close #wmlib
End Sub

'Callback function to handle WM_NOTIFY messages
Function OnNotify( hWnd, uMsg, wParam, lParam )
    NMHDR.struct = lParam
    Select Case NMHDR.code.struct
    Case -3 'NM_DBLCLK
        NMITEMACTIVATE.struct = lParam
        iItem = NMITEMACTIVATE.iItem.struct
        If iItem < 0 Then
            Print "Double-clicked listview background"
            'For some reason, placing a NOTICE here causes problems.
            Print "Double-clicked item #"; iItem
        End If
    End Select
End Function

'*** Wrapper Functions ***
Function CreateWindowEx( dwExStyle, ClassName$, lpWindowName$, dwStyle, x, y, nWidth, nHeight, hWndParent, hMenu, hInstance, lpParam )
    CallDLL #user32, "CreateWindowExA", _
        dwExStyle As ULong, _
        ClassName$ As Ptr, _
        lpWindowName$ As Ptr, _
        dwStyle As ULong, _
        x As Long, _
        y As Long, _
        nWidth As Long, _
        nHeight As Long, _
        hWndParent As ULong, _
        hMenu As ULong, _
        hInstance As ULong, _
        lpParam As ULong, _
        CreateWindowEx As ULong
End Function
Sub ListView.InsertItem hWnd, iItem, Text$
    LVITEM.mask.struct = 1 'LVIF_TEXT
    LVITEM.iItem.struct = iItem
    LVITEM.iSubItem.struct = 0
    LVITEM.pszText.struct = Text$
    CallDLL #user32, "SendMessageA", _
        hWnd As long, _
        4103 As long, _ 'LVM_INSERTITEM
        0 As long, _
        LVITEM As struct, _
        r As long
End Sub
Sub SetWMHandler hWnd, uMsg, lpfnCB, lSuccess
    CallDLL #wmlib, "SetWMHandler", _
        hWnd As ULong, _
        uMsg As ULong, _
        lpfnCB As ULong, _
        lSuccess As Long, _
        r As Long
End Sub

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