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Porting MS-DOS BASIC code to LB More Info
The following list summarizes differences between Liberty BASIC and MS-DOS BASICs that would normally not cause a syntax error, but nonetheless have significant differences.

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  • ASC
    • (PB) Is a function only.
    • ASC("") returns zero rather than generating an error.
  • BEEP does not make any sound.
  • BYREF - cannot pass arrays to SUBs and FUNCTIONs.
  • CALL
    • Requires that parentheses be omitted.
      E.g. Call MySub "Testing", 1, 2, 3
    • Is a required keyword to call any SUB.
    • Cannot be used to call a FUNCTION.
  • CHR$ (PB) cannot accept more than one parameter.
    • Requires a #handle or #handle$ variable.
    • Cannot accept more than one handle.
  • COMMAND$ becomes CommandLine$
  • DATA
    • (QB) Can appear in the root code or in SUBs/FUNCTIONs. READs apply only to the DATA in the same scope.
    • Cannot embed quoted text within unquoted text.
    • Spaces are not allowed unless text is enclosed in quotes.
  • DATE$
    • Becomes a function.
    • Cannot set the PC's clock
  • DIM
    • Limited to two dimensions.
    • Arrays are always zero-based.
  • EOF requires a #handle or #handle$ variable.
  • ERL is not implemented.
  • ERR
    • Is named Err (case sensitive).
    • Many error codes are different or unassigned (0).
  • EXIT cannot exit nested loops,
    E.g. FOR ... : WHILE ... : EXIT FOR : WEND : NEXT
  • FIELD ?
  • FREEFILE is not implemented.
  • GET
    • Is not a graphics command.
    • Is not used with BINARY files.
  • GOTO (before LB 5) must not be used to exit a structured (DO, FOR, WHILE) loop.
  • IF...THEN IF ... THEN ... ELSE ... (single line) evaluates differently
  • INKEY$
    • Is named Inkey$ (case sensitive).
    • Is filled only for WHEN characterInput events.
    • Never generates "Redo from start" quasi-error. Fills variable(s) with zeros.
    • A comma (,) before the first variable is not allowed.
    • When reading comma-delimited data, quotes are ignored.
  • INPUT$(num, #file) becomes INPUT$(#file, num).
  • INSTR(A, B$, C$) becomes INSTR(B$, C$, A).
  • INT in LB acts exactly like FIX.
    • Only positioning is supported, not cursor changes.
    • LOCATE row, column becomes LOCATE column, row.
  • LOF requires a #handle or #handle$ variable.
  • LPRINT requires DUMP to start printing.
  • MAX (PB)
    • Accepts only two numeric parameters.
    • MAX%, MAX&, and MAX$ are not implemented
  • MID$ is a function only.
  • MIN (PB)
    • Accepts only two numeric parameters.
    • MIN%, MIN&, and MIN$ are not implemented.
  • MKDIR becomes a function.
  • MKx$ functions are not implemented.

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