Specifies that a method or property overrides an identical method or property inherited from a base class.



Declaration contexts
You can use Override only with Method and Property statements.
Combind modifiers
You cannot combine Override with other modifiers such as Abstract and Shared in the same declaration.
Matching signatures
The signature of the overriding Method or Property must exactly match the signature of the inherited member in the following respects:
  • The exposed names must be identical.
  • The return types must be identical.
  • If the inherited member is generic, the overriding member must be also, including having the same number of generic parameters between the angle brackets. And if the inherited member has a Where clause, this must also be reproduced in the overriding member.
  • For a Method, the parameters must be the same number, in the same order, with the same data types, including matching use of ByRef.

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