Out (Generics)

Specifies that a type parameter is covariant.


Covariance lets you use a child class of the class specified by a generic parameter. This lets classes that implement variant traits convert automatically. See Covariance and Contravariance for more information.


You can use the modifier Out with generic traits and events.

In a generic trait, you can declare a type parameter as covariant if you obey the instructions that follow:


' Covariant trait.
Trait TCovariant[Out T]
End Trait

' Extending covariant trait.
Trait TExtCovariant[Out T] Does TCovariant[T]
End Trait

' Implementing covariant trait.
Class Sample[T] Does TCovariant[T]
End Class

Var parent As TCovariant[CParent] = CSample[CParent]
Var child As TCovariant[CChild] = CSample[CChild]

' You can assign child to parent because
' the TCovariant trait is covariant.
parent = child

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