Error Messages

#BASE cannot be redefined
#BASE required in call to base constructor
BYREF is not allowed here
Call to base constructor outside subclass constructor
CATCH without TRY
Class cannot have multiple destructors
Constructors and destructor must come before other procedures
Declarator cannot be generic
ELSE without IF
END <element> without <element>
END without BEGIN
ENUM requires one or more constants
Expected string continuation
Illegal use of WHERE in non-generic context
LOOP without DO
NEW...BEGIN requires one or more members
OPTIONAL not allowed here
Malformed character literal
Malformed string literal
Malformed version literal
Mismatched rounded brackets
Parameter cannot be optional
Positional arguments cannot follow named arguments
Property already has a getter
Property already has a Setter
RETURN outside procedure
SELECT requires one or more CASEs
String continuation without start
STRUCT requires one or more members
THEN without IF
When %None not allowed in post-conditional DO
WHERE not allowed here