Error Messages

BASE cannot change
BYREF is not permitted here
Block NEW must have one or more members
CASE cannot follow CASE ELSE in SELECT
CASE ELSE cannot be first CASE in SELECT
CATCH without TRY
CALL BASE permitted only in child class constructor
CATCH with parameter cannot follow catch-all
Class cannot have more than one destructor
Conditional expression must have tests for <, =, and >
Constructors and destructor must come before other procedures
Continued string without start
Declarator cannot be generic
ELSE without IF
END <element> without <element>
ENUM must have one or more members
LOOP without DO
Malformed character literal
Malformed string literal
Malformed version literal
OPTIONAL not permitted here
Parameter cannot be optional
Parentheses do not agree
Positional arguments cannot follow named arguments
Property cannot have more than one GET
Property cannot have more than one SET
RETURN permitted only in procedure
SELECT must have a minimum of one CASE
SELECT without CASE ELSE because of @OPTION
SELECT without CASE because of @OPTION
SELF cannot change
STRUCT must have data members
This type of constructor must be the furst and only one
THEN without IF
WHEN %None not permitted in DO...LOOP WHILE or UNTIL
WHERE permitted only in generic construct