Default Values


Data TypeDefault Value
Integral numbers0
Floating-point numbers0.0


The #Null reference represents the value of an uninitialized object. Its name is reserved for the purposes of marking objects for garbage collection and testing whether an object was initialized.

The pipe character (|) is an alternative syntax to represent #Null. It is mostly useful when #Null is used to represent a gap or separator in a list such as a parameter list or in a New statement. You may optionally place any number of hyphens after the pipe character to help it stand out when it is placed on a line by itself, a common situation with the New statement.

Listing: Equivalent declarations
Menu #file, "&File", _
  "&Open", OpenFile, |, "E&xit", ExitProgram

New Menu #file, "&File"
    "&Open", OpenFile
    "E&xit", ExitProgram
End Menu