Decision Constructs

ViviFire lets you do tests for different conditions and execute different statements as a result. You can do tests for true or false conditions, different values of an expression, or when code cannot continue because of unusual conditions.


The statement If…Else lets you do tests on one or more conditions, then execute one or more statements as a result of each condition. A short list of how you can use it follows.

See If…Else Statement for more information.


The statement Select…Case lets you do tests with one expression and one or more values. Then it executes one or more statements if a test is correct or incorrect.

See Select…Case Statement for more information.


The statement Try…Catch…Finally lets you execute code where unusual conditions (known as exceptions) can occur in a controlled manner. One or more statements can execute because of the type of exception. You can also specify one or more statements that must always execute if an exception occurred or not.

See Try…Catch…Finally Statement for more information.

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