Data Types

The data type of a programming element is related to what type of data it can hold and how it stores that data. Data types are applicable to all values stored in computer memory or used in an expression. Programming elements with a data type include:

Declared data types


Programming element Data type declaration

In a Dim Statement, New Statement, or Object Statement

Dim count As Int32

See the section of Type Characters § Default literal types

Var dateSeparator As Char = `-`

In a Const Statement

Const MAX_COUNT As Int32 = 100

In an Enum Statement

Enum DaysOfTheWeek

In a Property Statement

Property Name As String
Procedure parameter

In a Function Statement, Method Statement, or Sub Statement

Sub AddItem ( item As String )
Procedure argument

In the call to a procedure, each argument is a programming element that was declared before, or an expression that contains declared elements

stringArray = Split( inputString , ",")
Procedure return value

In a Function Statement Method Statement, or Sub Statement

Method ToString As String

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