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WMLiberty Demos - Dragging a popup window
WMLiberty -> Demos -> Window Enhancements -> Dragging a popup window (Download)

' Dragging Popup Window Demo
' By Brent D. Thorn, 2006
' This demo uses the WMLiberty DLL to trap the mouse's left-click in a
' popup-type window as a means to move the window around on the screen.


    WindowWidth = 320
    WindowHeight = 320

    ' Place static text over most of the window.
    ' And make it with a sunken-looking frame.
    StaticText #pop.lbl, "", 9, 9, 300, 300
    StyleBits  #pop.lbl, _SS_SUNKEN, 0, 0, 0

    Open "" For Window_Popup As #pop

    #pop "TrapClose Quit"
    #pop "Font Arial 16"

    #pop.lbl "This is a popup-type window. " + _
             "You can drag it around with the left mouse button. " + _
             "This works even if it is covered by a statictext control. " + _
             "Press Alt+F4 to exit."

    Open "WMLiberty" For DLL As #wmlib

    ' Get the handle of the window.
    hWnd = HWnd(#pop)

    ' Get the pointer to the function that handles the event.
    Callback lpfn, OnLButtonDown ( ULong, ULong, ULong, ULong ), Long

    ' Set up the handler for the "left button down" event.
    ' The "success" parameter is "1" so that the handler
    ' function won't interfere with the message's default
    ' processing by returning the (default) value of zero.
    CallDLL #wmlib, "SetWMHandler", _
        hWnd As ULong, _
        _WM_LBUTTONDOWN As ULong, _
        lpfn As ULong, _
        1 As Long, _
        ret As Long

        Call DoEvents

Sub DoEvents
' WMLiberty requires a Scan loop.
    CallDLL #kernel32, "Sleep", _
        50 As Long, _
        ret As void
    GoTo [Loop]
End Sub

Sub Quit Me$
    ' WMLiberty requires windows to be closed before it is.
    Close #Me$

    Close #wmlib
End Sub

' _WM_LBUTTONDOWN event handler.
Function OnLButtonDown ( hWnd, uMsg, wParam, lParam )
    ' Release mouse's capture of the window.
    CallDLL #user32, "ReleaseCapture", _
        ret As void

    ' Tell the window its caption is being dragged. It's all
    ' a big lie, but then the window doesn't know any better.
    CallDLL #user32, "SendMessageA", _
        hWnd As ULong, _
        _WM_NCLBUTTONDOWN As ULong, _
        _HTCAPTION As Long, _
        0 As Long, _
        ret As Long
End Function

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