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WMLiberty Demos - Dynamic Buttons
WMLiberty -> Demos -> API-Created Controls -> Dynamic buttons (Download)

' Dynamic Buttons Demo
' By Brent D. Thorn, 2006

    Global g.hInstance
    Global g.nButtons

    CallDLL #kernel32, "GetModuleHandleA", _
        _NULL As ULong, _
        g.hInstance As ULong

    g.nButtons = 12

    Dim hwndButtons(g.nButtons)

    Open "WMLiberty" For DLL As #wmlib

    UpperLeftX = Int((DisplayWidth-WindowWidth)/2)
    UpperLeftY = Int((DisplayHeight-WindowHeight)/2)


    Open "Dynamic Buttons" For Window As #demo

    #demo "TrapClose demo.Close"

    hWnd = HWnd(#demo)
    Callback lpfn, OnCommand(ULong,ULong,ULong,ULong),Long

    CallDLL #wmlib, "SetWMHandler", _
        hWnd As ULong, _
        _WM_COMMAND As ULong, _
        lpfn As ULong, _
        -1 As Long, _
        ret As Long

    CallDLL #gdi32, "GetStockObject", _
        _DEFAULT_GUI_FONT As Long, _
        hFont As ULong

    nWidth = Int((WindowWidth-16) / 3)
    nHeight = 25
    x = 4
    y = 25

    For b = 1 To g.nButtons
        hwndButtons(b) = _
            CreateWindowEx(0, "BUTTON", "Button #"+Str$(b), _
                dwStyle, x, y, nWidth, nHeight, _
                hWnd, 0, g.hInstance, 0)
        Call SendMessageLong hwndButtons(b), _WM_SETFONT, hFont, 1
        x = x + nWidth
        If x+nWidth > WindowWidth Then
            x = 4
            y = y + nHeight
        End If

    Call DoEvents

Sub DoEvents
    CallDLL #kernel32, "Sleep", 50 As Long, ret As Void
    GoTo [localLoop]
End Sub

Sub demo.Close me$
    Close #me$
    Close #wmlib
End Sub

Function OnCommand( hWnd, uMsg, wParam, lParam )
    Select Case HIWORD(wParam)
    Case _BN_CLICKED
        For b = 1 To g.nButtons
            If hwndButtons(b) = lParam Then Exit For
        If b <= g.nButtons Then
   "You clicked Button #";b;"."
        End If
    End Select
End Function

Function CreateWindowEx( StyleEx, Class$, Text$, Style, X, Y, Width, Height, Parent, ID, Instance, Param )
    CallDLL #user32, "CreateWindowExA", _
        StyleEx As ULong, Class$ As Ptr, Text$ As Ptr, Style As ULong, _
        X As Long, Y As Long, Width As ULong, Height As ULong, _
        Parent As ULong, ID As ULong, Instance As ULong, _
        Param As ULong, CreateWindowEx As ULong
End Function

Sub SendMessageLong hWnd, uMsg, wParam, lParam
    CallDLL #user32, "SendMessageA", _
        hWnd As ULong, uMsg As ULong, _
        wParam As ULong, lParam As ULong, _
        ret As Long
End Sub

Function HIWORD( dw )
    HIWORD = (dw And 4294901760) / 65536
End Function

Function LOWORD( dw )
    LOWORD = (dw And 65535)
End Function

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