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Porting MS-DOS BASIC code to LB More Info
The following list summarizes differences between Liberty BASIC and MS-DOS BASICs that would normally not cause a syntax error, but nonetheless have significant differences.

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  • NEXT cannot accept more than one variable.
  • NOT
    • Becomes a function.
    • Returns a boolean value; not a bitwise negation.
    • Label or line number must be in scope; no global error handler.
    • Error trapping is not disabled by ON ERROR GOTO 0
    • (PB) ON ERROR RESUME NEXT is not implemented.
  • OPEN
    • Creates a #handle.
    • LEN= accepts a literal number only.
  • PEEK is not implemented.
    • USING becomes a function: USING(format$, num).
    • Format string accepts only pounds (#) and a point (.).
    • Repeated calls to USING may be necessary.
    • Commas have the same meaning as for PRINT.
  • PUT
    • Is not a graphics command.
    • Requires a record index.
    • Cannot be used with BINARY files.
  • RANDOMIZE accepts real numbers between 0.0 and 1.0.
  • READ
    • Cannot read directly into array elements
    • Also see DATA.

  • RESUME does not accept any parameters; always resumes at the place of the error.
  • RETURN does not accept any paramters; always returns to the statement after the GOSUB.
  • RMDIR becomes a function.
  • RND is always called with a single parameter.
  • RUN can execute any executable file, but not a .BAS; similar to SHELL.

  • SEEK is a statement only.
    • CASE a TO b is not supported.
    • CASE IS is not supported.
  • SGN is not supported.
  • STOP is a synonym for END.
  • STRING$ is not supported.
  • SUB requires using no parentheses.
    E.g. SUB MySub Testing$, One, Two, Three

  • TIME$
    • Becomes a function.
    • Cannot change a PC's clock.
  • USING$ (PB) becomes USING, but is more limited. See PRINT USING.
  • VAL cannot convert hex (e.g. &HFF) and octal (e.g. &337 or &O377) strings.
  • WAIT is not hardware/port related.

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