Property Procedures

A property procedure is a sequence of statements that control a specially-made property on a module, class, or structure. Property procedures are also known as property accessors.

There are two types of property procedures.

You usually define property procedures as a pair with the statements Get and Set. But, you can define a property with only one procedure. If it is read-only, you must supply only Get. But, if it is write-only, you must supply only Set.

You do not have to use the procedures Get and Set if the property is automatically backed. A property is automatically backed if you do not define property procedures. But, if you supply the modifier @Backed, the property must have the procedure Set.

You can define properties in classes, structures, and modules. Properties have public access. Thus, you can call them from all parts of your program that have access to the container of the property.

See also Differences Between Properties and Variables.

Declaration syntax


[ modifiers ] Property property_name [ parameter_list ] [ return_type ]
    ' ...
Set parameter
    ' ...
End Property

Parameter declaration


Property value


Calling syntax


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