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Home - ViviFire compiler, WMLiberty DLL, Liberty BASIC tools News
Bay Six Software is dedicated to advancing the art of programming, primarily using the Liberty BASIC and Run BASIC languages. My name is Brent, and I have created this site to show off the more advanced things LB and RB can do.

The skill level of my code is intermediate to advanced. If you cannot describe the difference between an HWND and an HDC, or an MDI and MIDI, you may become overwhelmed. For the less advanced, I provide some hints and tips I have learned over the years that can improve your programs.

My main focus for this site is the user interface (UI) part of Windows programming. Windows gives us some wonderful and powerful ways to interact with our computers. However, designing a UI is more than just painting rectangles on the screen. There are good practices and there are bad practices. It is easy to make a bad interface. Therefore, I will use my site as a teaching tool to help you learn many of the do's and the don'ts.

Top Downloads
  1. WMLiberty 1.1
  2. PostUrlEncoded 1.0
  3. Bay6Zip
  4. Old ViviFire 0.1.1
  5. Telnet Hi-Lo 1.1
In February
  1. Telnet Hi-Lo 1.1
  2. WMLiberty 1.1
  3. PostUrlEncoded 1.0
  4. Bay6Zip
  5. SapientBoard 0.1.2
Recent Additions
ViviFire programming language (alpha)
ViviFire programming language
VFScript 0.2.0
Minimal TCP/HTTP client using Winsock
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    New ViviFire releases.
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    Forum Changes
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    Site Changes
  • October 05, 2012
    New Snips
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    Forum Changes
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    Forum Changes
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